Elevating Intuition


‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift’ 

We live in a time of constant stimulation, and therefore a time when slowing down our pace and tuning in for clarity is more imperative than ever for elevating our state of well-being. We are being called to dive deeper into ourselves and to nourish ourselves daily through food, movement, self-care, and self-reflection. These actions bring us into alignment with our innate capacity to receive messages through the mind & body.

We all have intuition: the ability to tune into our own inner compass, which can guide us to make decisions for our highest good. Women especially benefit from this inner knowing. Our ability to connect deeply to our senses comes through the wisdom of our body, our connection to the moon, the natural fluctuations in our body and hormones on a daily basis due to the menstrual cycle, the carrying and birthing of a child, the heightened awareness in our senses, and instincts that are activated during pregnancy and child-rearing as a natural protection mechanism.

Intuition is the way the world speaks to us through subtle signals in our minds & bodies. We enhance this natural receptive ability by honoring our bodies through our daily actions and lifestyle choices. When we take time daily to slow down, get in touch with our body and breath, and connect with nature, we create a clear channel for deep listening. Our inner voice and gut feelings become radically apparent. Caring for ourselves then becomes easier and life feels more fluid and graceful.

You can cultivate & enhance your intuition and use it as a guide to move through every day. If something doesn’t feel right, tune in and make another choice that feels good inside & out. It’s also incredibly important to be gentle with ourselves when we make “mistakes” or choices that inhibit our growth, healing, and transformation. We are all in a constant state of evolution and it’s more important to take note and reflect & learn from the choices that don’t serve you vs. ruminating on them and shaming yourself for being human.

Begin to get in touch with yourself on a moment-to-moment basis & listen to the signs and signals that you receive. Here are a few ways to connect more deeply to your senses.


See our piece on intuitive eating.


We’ve developed deep attachments to being constantly “on.” Give yourself time to unplug & restore yourself with Mother Earth’s energy. Connecting to nature eases stress and tension in the mind & body and soothes our primal need to feel connected to our environment. Take time daily to spend some time in nature. You’ll find this offers an immediate shift in your energy state and your ability to tune into your senses. Aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature is a powerful way to integrate a natural ebb and flow into our lives and to find deeper serenity within.

This could simply look like walking in woods, taking a hike, strolling on the beach or at a park near your home, or laying on the ground somewhere outside. Earthing (walking barefoot in the dirt or sand) is also incredibly grounding and is a beautiful way to reconnect to the earth.


Support a sense of calm with regular meditation or a guided meditation like yoga nidra. Taking plenty of moments for stillness & slowing down offers space for clarity to flow through. Carve out time daily for a 10-20 or 30-minute meditation.


See our piece on intuitive movement through cycle syncing.


Constant scrolling, texting, emailing, and searching leaves us ungrounded, frazzled, and far from clarity. Unplug whenever possible and for as long as you need. Check out from social outlets for extended periods of time and especially respect the sacred times at the very beginning and end of your day. Give yourself an hour in the morning before checking emails and social outlets, and check out + shut down your phone at the same time every evening (1-2 hours before bed is best to support deep sleep). Remove electronics from the bedroom to ensure a proper night’s sleep and leave your cellphone at home whenever possible to allow yourself space to reset.


Deep breathing activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which invokes a calm feeling and helps to reduce stress. A tranquil state unites us with our senses and elevates the intuitive mind.

Alternate nostril breathing, which balances the right & left hemispheres of the brain, is one of the most helpful ways to ground oneself. Mini breath breaks can be incredibly powerful. Take 3 to 5 minutes out of every hour to practice deep breathing. Simply inhale deeply for a count of 7, then hold for 2, then exhale slowly to a count of 7. Repeat the process 5 to 6 times or until you feel refreshed.


When you are feeling disconnected, it is important to give your body additional support. Sleep is when your body restores, repairs, and rejuvenates. Create a ritual around bedtime to prepare you for deep, restful, and restorative sleep.

Start to wind down from your day by turning off all screens at least an hour or two before bed - as mentioned above, this is one of the most key times to unplug. Sip a nervine relaxing herbal tea, like lemon balm, tulsi, chamomile, or passion flower. Take a bath, get cozy with a book, or listen to a guided meditation. Try your best to get adequate sleep each night and listen to the call for more sleep in the winter months. Sleep is essential for feeling your best and listening to messages as they arise.

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kristin dahl