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 Image: Land Of Women

Image: Land Of Women

Aging is an inevitable process that happens gradually over time. Though this often begins as an external process, as we mature we begin to notice internal changes as well. How fast we age, however, is a variable that is strongly influenced by belief, lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplements.

Accelerated aging is often the result of nutritional deficiencies, excessive stress and poor lifestyle choices. We’re exposed to free radicals (or oxidative stress) from both internal and external toxins on a daily basis, and this takes a toll on the body over the years, eventually beginning to wear away at external and internal cellular processes. Lack of circulation is also a contributing factor to premature aging, as movement has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body. Daily exercise is imperative for clearing stagnation from the body and for moving qi.

Our concept of aging and beliefs about the process also affect whether we age prematurely or not. Women who believe they are forever young tend to always look vibrant and radiant. Attitude is incredibly important, and being young at heart often translates into youthfulness in all areas of our lives, from the amount of joy and fun we experience daily, to how fulfilling our sex lives are, to the number of wrinkles on our faces. Instead of stressing about the inevitable process of getting older, focus on the benefits of age, such as increased resilience, security, good relationships and a strong sense of self.

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