Living Well with Green Beauty Healer Angela Shore


Angela Shore is a soul-searcher, seasoned medicine woman, and the radiant spirit behind Jiva-Apoha: an incredible line of botanical oils created with the healing elements of Ayurveda and the spiritual roots of Shamanism. Her desire to help others find peace, relief, and answers is a continuous passion. Angela has a natural philosophy of holistic wellness and ecological focus that plays into every aspect of her brand - from the organic, pure ingredients to the humane ethics employed every step of the way. Her style and approach to Green Beauty is a constant innovative creative process. Above all, she believes in living a balanced life and is forever dedicated to making a difference to the people of the land.

Today, Angela shares the simple ways she cares for herself, what influences her creativity, and her favorite Ayurvedic beauty tip.

How do you create sacred space? 

State of Mind, finding that zone...


What does your creative process look like and what environments support this process?

Sense of smell with touch. Vision in color. Inspired by home settings, memories, classics, music and road trips. simple as listening to surroundings.


Rock and art shows. Satsang. Devotional singing. Between metropolis, desert and water. Other countries.


How do you care for yourself and what are your favorite self-care rituals? 

Eat well, practice, and allow time out during the day. 


Baths with salt + herbal soaks, gentle body scrubs and oil massage


A Secret beauty tip you'd like to share ?  

I’ve been using Dr. Bronners ( mostly tea tree blend ) since the 80s, I’m also big on activated charcoal cleansing bars. If there is cacao in the mix anywhere for the body then I say YES. 

Ayurvedic sandalwood powder mixed with pure rose water to create a natural face and neck mask. The topper is always OILING.  All amazing for skin conditioning. 


3 women who have inspired your life & work?

I have 4 women who have all been amazing teachers in my life, especially in the past ten years….


Terra Tirapelli

Katherine Titus

Janice Zwail


What are your biggest challenges?

To expand in areas that are taking more time….aligning other wellness projects. 


What are your favorite ways to unwind? 

Lately walking, nesting more with reading, cooking, and resting...


How do you create balance with your personal & professional life? 

To not over obligate myself. 

Creating more space and time allows me to enjoy both.


Do you have spiritual practices? 

YES in prayer and mantra….honoring our love ones, animals and creator.


Is there a life lesson you’d like to share?

I will always be a student for life.  Time is precious, so being more gentle with self keeps me calm in doing. I believe that kindness, direct communication and honesty make great partnerships and long-lasting connections. 

I’m full when I allow energy to flow naturally, in return I yearn to learn more.