Living Well with Holistic Educator Kylie McBeath


Kylie McBeath is the bright light and radiant soul behind Being is Beautiful and Zura Health. Zura Health is a holistic platform built to inspire and empower individuals to live their healthiest, happiest lives. Their mission is to promote company growth through employee well-being. In her private practice, Kylie focuses on supporting others with their personal growth and development through heart-centered workshops, one on one coaching, and monthly Webinars on topics ranging from healing after heartbreak to reclaiming your voice.

Today, Kylie shares a bit about her routines, her favorite form of movement, and how she navigates negative self-talk. Get inspired by this beautiful being!

What nourishes you?  Nourishment for my mind are books + podcasts, as well as space & ample time for reflection & integration. What nourishes my body most is movement & massage -- I mean who doesn't like comfy robes & spa environments? Nourishment for my soul is the practice of surrendering + letting myself explore the world without a plan. TRUST in the bigger unfolding really nourishes my spirit ++ GIRL time with my ladies and deep convos with my man. 


Do you favor routines or go with the flow? Straight upI am a creature of habit (especially when I am stressed). Recovering control freak over here. I love my morning & evening routines. But, as much as I love them when I am in them -- I also love the go with the flow mentality where my life isn't blocked off into little segments + HAVE-TO's. Honoring my body and doing a Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul check-in every day allows me to honor what feels most aligned with me in a day. Flow meets routine check-in's for the WIN! 


What’s your favorite form of movement? I don't have a favorite form of movement -- I LOVEEEE moving my body & mixing it up. Out of all movement classes, Pilates has definitely been the most transformational practice for me. Increasing my core strength, and joint stability has saved my body and allowed me the freedom to do what I do each day - wether that be OTF, Yoga, or Spin. 


How do you balance work & play? Running a business & balancing life - friends - play - self-care routines, family, relationships, etc. CAN BE A LOT. I do my best to balance it by blocking off certain times in the day to just relax, connect with myself, my friends & family, and my partner. Getting clear on what your values are helps a bunch here. What is it I value most? How can I design my life in a way that reflects these values? If I value connection, how am I meeting my need & value for connection? etc. 


What are your biggest challenges? Currently, my biggest challenge is trusting the process of launching my company, Zura Health. Trusting that I am capable of doing what it is I am trying to do -- building a business, writing a book, living a life that FEELS good & abundant all at once. Momentum helps. 


How do you navigate negative self-talk? I check in with the negative self-talk, to understand where it's coming from & what it is trying to protect me from. I acknowledge its presence by naming it. For ex. "My inner critic is saying I shouldn't believe I am worthy or capable of doing this..." Then I connect to the emotions that it's bringing up...(where am I feeling this in my body? What emotions are present for me?) Then I Choose to move in a direction that is supportive, loving, and accepting. What would I do in this moment if I was filled to the brim with confidence, courage and self-acceptance? 


What are your favorite ways to unwind? I love to go for a nightly walk if it's nice outside, take an epsom salt bath, or read a good book :] All three = GRAND SLAM. Oh, and of course my Doterra serenity diffuser blend on high. 


What keeps your heart open? Honesty. I have a mantra that I use when I want to shut down and crawl into a defense mechanism that is, "You've got nothing to lose by being you." I use this to remind myself to have the courage to express my truth and honor my heart. COMMIT TO YOURSELF. 


3 women who have inspired your life & work: Brene Brown, because it's Brene Brown and I just love this woman. My dear friend, Anahata. My sister, Jessica McBeath. 


Is there a life lesson you’d like to share? The more connected we are to our own emotions, inner-child and our beautiful bodies -- the more secure, safe, confident, and connected we will feel to ourselves. Which will allow us to be more intimate and connected with others! Connection = everything.