Living Well with Ayurvedic Beauty Alchemist Shiva Rose


Shiva Rose is the goddess and radiance behind the natural skin-care line Shiva Rose Beauty & the bohemian lifestyle blog, The Local Rose. Shiva Rose is the goddess and radiance behind the natural skin-care line Shiva Rose Beauty & the bohemian lifestyle blog, The Local Rose. In her early twenties, Shiva was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that ignited a path of action and activism. The lifestyle shift she undertook was the catalyst of inspiration for sharing holistic wisdom with the community. She lives with her two daughters in the Santa Monica Mountains, where they raise most of our own produce, nestled by a creek with their cat, rabbits, and chickens.

Today, Shiva shares a few of her favorite beauty rituals, herbal essentials, and the elements that keep her intuition clear. Enjoy!

How do you nourish yourself?

I nourish myself by connecting to The Source with my Kundalini practice, being in nature, eating organic foods, drinking spring water, using my product line on my face and body. As a giver of so much energy, it is vital to nourish ourselves so we can continue to create love and abundance around us. 


Do you favor routines or go with the flow?

That is a good question ~ For an airy aquarian routines are great for me to feel grounded and to get things done, however, I do need to create the freedom of spontaneous moments in my life or else I lose my spirit. The ideal is to have the routines at the start of the day and the end, and have some moments of flow in between work and being a mama. Also, I do make going away on weekend jaunts and adventures a must in my life. This breaks up the monotony and helps create new breath in life. I do however still maintain my morning rituals of Tea ceremony and Kundalini when traveling. 


What is your favorite beauty ritual ? 

My beauty rituals include using my Saffron Rose Scrub on my face, using my Sea Siren Scrub on my body, dry brushing, adding recipes of crystals and herbs to my bath. Having either New Moon or Full moon rituals during the month. 


Your top 3 beauty essentials

Beauty essential are Spring water to drink aplenty, feeling nourished by Source energy, liver pills, drinking a blend of Moringa and spirulina, and using my Glow balm and eye cream.


Your favorite natural remedy?

Apple Cider Vinegar, oats for any inflammation, turmeric, castor oil. 


When you are feeling run down, what do you do to take care of yourself?

To bypass this horrible flu season I had to get some IV drips. I couldn’t get sick and my daughter had it badly, so I had vitamin drops with homeopathic remedies. They did wonders! I also will take a homemade Fire Cider, elderberry elixir from Erewhon Market & Sleep and breath of fire also keep the immune system in top shape.


How do you unplug? 

I drive to Ojai or Big Sur. I recently went to Colorado and New Mexico with a paramour, and it was so wonderful not being connected to the phone! I also walk in my canyons near me without my phone daily. I try to shut off the wifi every evening but my home is in a pretty good spot with terrible wifi!


How do you practice forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the key to opening our hearts. I always remember that everyone has their own demons and fears and there are only two ways to live in fear or love so choose love. 


What strengthens your intuition?

Clean water, organic food, Kundalini, meditations, non toxic products, being in nature. 


Is there a life lesson you’d like to share?

You can turn poison into medicine. 


3 women who have inspired your life & work

Georgia O’Keefe, June Carter, Jane Goodall. 


Anything fun you're working on? 

My book will be out in April, its called Whole Beauty and I hope it can help people and bring some positive energy to our planet right now.