Living Well with Conscious Fertility Practitioner Bri Braggs


Bri Braggs is the Creator and Curator of Fertile Alchemy a holistic lifestyle brand for conscious fertility. She works with women who are ready to create a new narrative around their fertility. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Doula -Bri believes in taking a holistic approach when it comes to women’s health.

Today, Bri shares about the importance of "honoring our flow", a few of her favorite tools for hormone balance, and reprogramming our thoughts & beliefs to support fertility.

How do you nourish yourself? 

I nourish myself by honoring whatever space I am currently in. Sometimes it changes moment to moment or day to day. But no matter what, I really try and honor how I am feeling. I honor my flow. One of my favorite ways to nourish myself that I do several times a week is to turnoff my phone, spend time alone, and a take magnesium bath. Water is a conduit and some of my best ideas or “ downloads” have come to me when I was me sitting in a bathtub under candlelight. I also nourish myself by saying no to people and things that don’t feel right to me. I am a highly sensitive person and implementing boundaries has been one of the most deeply nourishing things I have ever done for myself.


What are your favorite self-care practices? 

5-10 Minute Meditation 

Taking a magnesium bath 

Castor Oil Packs

Womb Massages

Time in Nature

Vaginal Steams


What are a few of your tools for hormone balance? 

Outside of a nourishing diet I love to get my clients to focus on calming the nervous systems. Stress plays such a huge factor in hormonal balance and it is sometimes overlooked. I recommend implementing adaptogens, finding more time for rest and relaxation, and getting under the care of a chiropractor and acupuncturist. 


Favorite herbs for women?

My favorite very simple herbal blend includes Red Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Red Clover and Ginger. Raspberry leaf tones the uterus, Nettle and Red Clover are deeply nourishing, and Ginger warms the womb.


How can women help support their fertility through the power of their thoughts & beliefs?

First by really understanding the mind-body connection. They should have a deep knowing that their thoughts and feelings directly impact their fertility and overall health. With this knowledge, they can then be more mindful of thoughts and the story they're telling. I love affirmations and mirror work. I believe doing both is a very powerful way to reprogram your subconscious.


How did you learn to trust and honor your body? 

Learning to honor and trust my body is a continuous journey. One thing that has helped me tremendously is to learn to keep promises to myself. For instance, promising to give my body a deeply restorative Yoga Class and keeping that promise to myself. When I keep saying “I’ll do this or that” without actually doing it, my body recognizes that. You have to show your body that it can depend on you to give it what it needs. Doing this makes it a bit easier to trust yourself.


What keeps your heart open?

Remaining soft and vulnerable. Being in touch with my feminine self. Forgiveness. Spending time with those whose hearts are always open like babies and children. Remaining steadfast in my belief that people are inherently good, and trying my best to extend compassion to those who challenge that belief. Externally I will spend extra time in the cobra pose during my yoga practice, I also love rubbing some of my Aromatic Oil on my chest in the mornings as a heart opening ritual.


In what ways do you practice forgiveness? 

A good friend of mine shared Ho’oponopono with me which is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that you can do with yourself or even with others. I have recently been doing it with my reproductive organs.

It is done in four steps 

  1. I am sorry - Acknowledge the wrong you have done to yourself.

  2. Please forgive me - Ask for forgiveness

  3. Thank You -Extend gratitude towards whatever or whoever you are apologizing to (ex. your body)

  4. I love you

This is a very powerful and beautiful practice that can really help with self-forgiveness. 


3 women who have inspired your work

It’s really hard for me to just decide on three. My work is inspired by all women, I think we are the most fascinating and beautiful beings on this planet. I will say I’m very inspired by the women in my family, the incredible Erykah Badu who is also a Doula, and I’m currently really inspired by Jena Covello of Agent Nateur, she inspires me to be fearless.


A few of your favorite books for ladies wanting to conceive or support the birthing process  

For the preconception period, Conscious Conception very much inspired the work that I do with my clients in addition to the The Fertile Life 90 Day Planner that I just released.

During pregnancy I am currently loving “Nurture” by Erica Cohen and for the postpartum period I highly recommend The First Forty Days” by Heng Ou