A Phase by Phase Guide to Supporting Your Cycle - The Chalkboard Mag


All of nature moves in Cycles. The seasons have a cycle that they follow; winter, spring, summer, and then fall. The moon cycles from its new moon, to the full moon, and then back to the new moon. And, as women, we have many cycles within our being, everything from sleep cycles and cardiac cycles to menstrual cycles. In every monthly cycle, as a menstruating woman, your body will go through 4 different phases; and just as it is important to nurture your body differently for different seasons throughout year it is equally as important to support your menstrual cycle throughout each phase.

When we support our cycle throughout all its phases we are taking care of our body and giving it love and attention while creating a hormonal balance within our bodies. Having balanced hormones will not only help to increase fertility and decrease PMS symptoms, but will also increase overall health as our bodies prepare to “reproduce” when we are functioning at our optimum.

Supporting each phase of your cycle holistically begins with the foods you eat, the activities you partake in, and the integration of herbal medicine to support, rebalance and restore the body.

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