Living Well with Plant-Based Beauty Summer Sanders


Summer Sanders is the radiant beauty behind the Sedona hot spot, Local Juicery. She's a plant-based chef who is passionate about helping people bring more vibrant fruits & vegetables into their diets in a delicious and exciting way. Summer is known for her innovative recipes and simple, laid-back cooking style. She believes food should be fun, sensual and filled with love.

Summer is also a mom, author of the new book, Raw & Radiant and founder of the inspirational site filled with fresh recipes and alternative perspectives on health and wellness. 

Today, Summer shares some of her biggest challenges, favorite natural remedies, and what helps keep her grounded & clear. Enjoy this vibrant share! 

What does living well mean to you? Living well to me means connection. Connection to my body, my heart, my inspiration, my community, my family…Being connected is at the heart of it for me. Nothing else can happen if I feel disconnected.


In a super-saturated wellness world, how do you simplify? Great question! I write about this in my book Raw and Radiant. For me, it’s going back to what’s always been around. The gifts from Mother earth. I simplify by leaning on vibrant fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts and greens. I’m open to indulging and love superfood powders and dusts, I love all the fancy stuff… But at the end of the day, fresh raw living food that’s organic and local is where it’s at for me. That’s why I opened Local Juicery, plant powered goodness. Simple and clean.


Do you favor routines or go with the flow? I honestly switch back and forth, I guess it looks a little bit like going with the flow and getting the little routines in there where you can. A Matcha Latte is always a part of my life, I’ve never missed washing my face in the evening, I always kiss my little boy goodnight and rub his back… these things are routines that fit in anywhere I go. I don’t like to get to rigid because I feel like it can block my creativity. I need newness.


What’s your favorite form of movement? Swinging in a hammock… and rock climbing. I also love Soul Cycle, I just do. It’s amazing.


Favorite Natural Remedies? Oh man. So many. I always have three I go to. Baking Soda foot bath, relives excess Co2 (especially good after an indoor fitness class or travel), essential oils for colds and flues, on the feet and on the back of the neck. I love cloves and vetiver. Coconut Charcoal, seriously the cure all. When I indulge in food I typically wouldn't eat or wine I always take charcoal. Also great if you have an upset stomach or a stomach bug.

I grew up with a mama that was totally into all natural everything. I didn’t get any immunizations, never saw a doctor and was born at home in the early 80’s. She’s kind of a rule breaker and I love all the wisdom she’s passed on to me. I’m grateful for knowing how to heal myself and my family from the simple things with just herbs and mind-body connection. There are many remedies to use but one of the best things I come to with this question is trusting that your body is strong and knows the answers, more often than not, it’s a mental blockage, not a physical one.


As a mom & business owner, how do you make time for self-care? I didn’t used to make time for me, but things started to crumble. I now get weekly alphabiotic treatments and monthly massage. I make time for yoga or them gym and outside hikes. I find time to feed myself and I hire help with the things that I just can't get to. Learning how to delegate has been a life changer for me and given me much more freedom for caring for myself and my family.


How do you stay motivated? I listen to motivating books, I’m especially big on biographies right now and I make time for quick travel. Traveling is the most inspiring thing for me. So many amazing people and places to draw inspiration from. 

Simple forms of meditation keep me clear for downloads, just five minutes can open up space in me. I don’t have an extravagant routine with mediation, I do it when it feels right and it’s help me with so much creatively.


What are you biggest challenges? My husband and I work together, that is a huge blessing and a huge challenge.  He’s an alpha, and i’m a Capricorn with an Aries rising, lets just say we’re both strong willed.

I struggled with disordered eating for years. Its been over 8 years since it was manifested if physical form but I would be lying if I said that I was completely healed. I’m a work in progress and everyday I choose to be healthy. Everyday I choose to lean toward the light. That choice is not always easy, it can be incredibly challenging. If you’ve had similar issues than you know what I mean. It’s a blessed life because it brought me to levels of self awareness and healing that I wouldn’t have naturally sought out, but it’s defiantly always an uphill climb.


How do you unplug? It’s hard. There are always emails, reviews, opportunities… I have a strict no cell phone or devices dinner hour. My husband and I both try to have phones off when we are home with our son. I try to save all my computer work for mornings when I have energy and my kiddo is out of the house.  Taking walks and being in nature together is really grounding for us all.


What keeps your heart open? Connected discussions, honesty and breakthroughs with people. I’ve always struggled with confrontation but I’m learning to love it. The things that scare us are often what we need to open up and fully live. I’m working on my fears, leaning into them and putting myself out there in ways I would have never done before. At work when I have a challenge with an employee, instead of holding it in and making assumptions, I confront it. What happens is powerful! It brings us closer because they can feel my heart. The same for my personal and profession relationships. This has been such a big heart-opener because it keeps me in that connection state rather than the old default of shutting down.


What are the biggest gifts & deepest challenges of being a parent?  Wow. Henry has taught me to watch myself so much more closely. He presents opportunities for me each day and if I’m present, they have the ability to change my world.

One important one is when I feel triggered by him or something he’s doing, it’s not about him… I realize that it’s about me, I stop, I trace that feeling back to another time in my life, I trace it back to my childhood, I see where that trigger and reaction comes from and then I’m free to respond to him with the knowing that “this is mine” and not his. This is so beautiful to me. I get free therapy!  So I would say that it’s both a gift and a challenge because it’s hard to slow down and commit to doing the work when you feel triggered and need to be at work in 5 minutes… but what matters? I think about whats going to matter in 20 years? Not that I was 10 minutes late, what’s going to matter is how I connect.


Is there a life lesson you’d like to share?

to paraphrase Shakespeare “ Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Our minds have power, when we listen to our hearts and accept the world and ourselves as we are, it’s all so beautiful and worthwhile. When we’re in a state resistance and judgement we miss the opportunity and we stay stuck. Watch your mind and drop the ego.