Living Well With Creative Consultant & Designer Rachel Garahan


Rachel Garahan is an Ojai-based mama, creative consultant, and the beauty (and brains) behind the bohemian lifestyle blog One Part Gypsy. Her book, A Beauty Collected, is a magical photographic journey for kids of all ages. It's a must-have for every holistic home!

Rachel is truly an inspiration. She exemplifies the power of trusting in the wisdom of intuition, the simplicity of non-attachment to outcomes, and the magic of inspired action. Constantly questioning the status quo and taking leaps, she's someone we can all learn from. 

Today, Rachel shares a bit about her creative process, simplifying routines, and her deep trust in the universe. Read on for inspiration on living simply and going with the flow. 

How do you nourish yourself daily (mind/body/spirit)? 

It’s really about the basics these days. 4x the amount of water I think I actually need, bright clean unprocessed foods, 8 hours of sleep, and at least a little alone/ personal time every day. The rest is icing!

Do you favor routines or go with the flow?

A little bit of both— I’m very go with the flow but feel most relaxed when I have a backup plan-. So I have what I call a very defined Plan B, with Plan A being whatever comes up that sounds or works better in the moment.

How do you ground yourself when life gets hectic?

Cutting out caffeine helps a lot, as does clearing my calendar. Even when things don’t feel hectic, regularly booking massages, float tank sessions or even just a mani pedi helps me to slow down and be back in my body.

What does living well mean to you?

To me, living well first starts with knowing yourself. Living consciously in order to separate the best we can from societal, social or family programmed “shoulds”. From there, curation is huge- focusing on all the right stuff (whatever that is for you) and nothing more. 

What foods (or recipes!) support you in feeling your best? 

I find roasted yams incredibly comforting, nourishing and grounding. Those along with a rubbed kale and lentils with sprouted brown rice (my go-to perfect protein combo) topped with tahini and chili sauce is a dish I could (and practically do) live on daily!

What does your creative process look like & what environments support your creativity?

A clear, calm and clean workspace. I can’t do shared or public workspaces, I get way too distracted! Plus I love to work in comfy clothes with my music of choice loud. As much of my work is digital, I do 99% of my work on my large desktop in my home office; my laptop is reserved for basically just for meetings, emails (and online shopping ha!). I also always have an old-school composition notebook on hand which is where most of my soul/ creative/ non-official work happens. For that, I’m likely to be in bed, outdoors in nature, or on the road.

How do you navigate big feelings?

Meditating and (literally) sitting with them in order to truly feel them. Journaling to unravel and dive deeper into them, as well as to release them. Talking things through with trusted friends to expand perspective. And physical movement to move through them.

Who lights up your life?

My husband, my son, my pups. They make me smile every single day. 

3 women who have inspired your life & work

Georgia O’Keefe and my grandmother Jeanne Craig (who was also a no-nonsense artist). The third I would say is really more a combination of women who in general own their unique perspectives and gifts, even if they differ greatly from my own personal preference or path. I’m impressed by women who just go for it. 

What keeps your heart open?

A deep trust in the universe and the unique flow of each person's independent and personal life journey. The belief that what we are meant for will not pass us by.