Our collective offers a wide variety of female focused healing protocols that educate, motivate, and inspire profound transformation. A wide range of topics and feminine health concerns can be accessed through our monthly membership program.



We cover a wide range of female-focused health topics, such as hormonal acne, painful periods & hormone imbalance + health opportunities like pcos, endometriosis, fibroids, and osteoporosis. We provide extensive offerings for pre + postnatal concerns. Our protocols offer advice for varied experience within each realm.

Topics are organized by life stage and created with roots in holistic healing, herbal medicine & functional nutrition. Every month, a new set of protocols will be uploaded to the portal. Members will have ongoing access to expert advice + new & existing materials.



We offer basic memberships with monthly access to the portal, and for those in need of individualized support, holistic nutrition consulting with monthly protocols tailored specifically to your needs.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive healing support and guidance for women of all ages.We aim to empower individuals to support the innate healing capabilities of the body and live a vital, happy & healthy life!


Step into radiant health & wellness, reconnecting to your senses and how it feels to be fully alive!


New Member Guided Wellness Special | $99 for Yearly access to the collective



+ Monthly access to the collective

+ Expert advice & guidance for optimal health & wellness

+ Access to a growing archive of holistic healing protocols

+ Support for every stage of life

+ Connection to a growing community of women




+ Monthly Access to the collective

+ Monthly One-on-one nutrition consulting

+ Healing guidance tailored specifically to your needs 

+ Support for those with a recent diagnosis/health opportunity

+ Fertility, Conception & Pre & Postnatal guidance




How is this site different from other wellness sites?

We honor all the powerful, emotional, and deeply transformative life-stages of a woman: pre-teen, teen, maiden, mother, wise-woman & elder. Our site is 100% dedicated to women's health. We provide comprehensive healing support for everything from teenage acne to osteoarthritis.


How does this differ from an Allopathic Approach?

Instead of treating ailments by conventional means, such as drugs or surgery, our guidance is built from a foundation of holistic healing, herbalism, and functional nutrition. Each protocol is designed to empower individuals to support the innate healing processes of their bodies. We believe that no matter the circumstance, we all have the inherent ability to heal imbalance and radiate from within.


What is a protocol?

Protocols are simple yet comprehensive guides that are easy to follow and provide timeless, expert advice for women facing specific health concerns or during major life transitions, such as beginning menstruation, conception, breastfeeding, miscarriage, and menopause.


Which monthly plan will most benefit me? 

Guided Wellness membership plans are fantastic for those seeking access to ongoing advice & support throughout the year.

Personalized Wellness memberships are best for those seeking individualized, one on one nutrition consulting on a monthly basis + access to the member portal. This plan is supportive to those who desire exclusive guidance building a foundation for life-long health & wellbeing. It's also helpful for individuals who have had a recent health scare, diagnosis, or health opportunity. Perfect for those preparing to conceive, or those in need of fertility support & pre/postnatal care.

Looking for single sessions or nutrition packages?